Online programming for at home and the gym. PKP provides programs for both

athletes and the common exerciser. No matter if you have no equipment or an entire gym, we are going to provide the most effective workout plan for you. See details below and let us know which plan will be the best fit!

General Health and Fitness Programs
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+ Through our summer training camps, we will provide athletes with the opportunity to improve strength, speed, and power in supplement to their off-season practices. 


+ These camps are structured and priced differently based on sport, number of participants, and location.

+ If your school or club team is interested in a summer, group-training camp-- fill out the form below.


+ ATHLETE These programs can be tailored to any sport or competition level. Our team has experience training athletes from professional organizations to little league. 

+ FOCUS To improve performance metrics such as strength, speed, and power. Our coaches focus heavily on injury prevention and movement quality. We want to help you take your game to the next level!


+ METHOD Our typical programs are 3 high-intensity days and 2 recovery days.  We tailor each program based on the requirements of the sport and athlete needs. We utilize an online training platform that you will have access to upon signing up.


+ INVESTMENT $20/month for one of our general programs; $75/month for an individualized program made with your goals in mind.


+ULTIMATE HUMAN:  Trains all qualities of life. Strength, power, aerobic capacity, and hypertrophy (resiliency) . Our program uses research based methods to help optimize recovery and performance like never before. No more letting the fear of injury and poor performance hold you back from the things you love to do. We are here to reverse the aging process and keep you young and healthy. Invest in yourself and truly become THE ULTIMATE HUMAN.


HIIT STICK  This program is for the person that wants to get the most bang for their buck. Maximum calories burnt at minimal time. Using a 5 day split, 3 days will consist of high intensity training, while using the other 2 days to recover. 


+ SWOLE PATROL I hope you don't like the sleeves you are wearing, because after this program you will be ripping out of them. Using hypertrophy to add muscle mass while toning SP will have you beach season ready. 


+ INVESTMENT $15/month for one of these general programs; $50/month for an individualized program made with your goals in mind.




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