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AT PKP, we provide professional programs specific to our athlete’s sport and goals. We take the guesswork out of training and use scientific methods to provide the highest quality training for our athletes. Our programs stem from our professional assessment that gives our coaches insight into specific athletes’ needs. Our goal for our athletes at PKP is to maximize their potential, squeeze every ounce of genetic ability out, and ultimately help them achieve their goals.



Our athlete training focuses on strength & power development specific to the athlete's sport. First, we focus on developing a solid foundation of strength & building body armor to decrease the likelihood of injury. Then, we concentrate on producing that strength at high speeds (Power) in multiple planes. Finally, we teach our athletes how to produce that power repeatedly through various conditioning methods.



Our athlete training focuses on postural development through soft tissue work, mobility drills, breathing exercises, and proper selection. Being able to move efficiently allows athletes to express their true power, increase work capacity, and decrease the likelihood of injury.



Our main goal at PKP is to reduce the likelihood of injury for our athletes. Our assessment process is critical to injury reduction. Our primary focus is shoulder and lower back health in our athletes. In addition, we teach our athletes how to manage themselves off the court or field properly using different recovery methods to aid in injury prevention.



Our athlete training will not just have athletes looking good in warm-ups. Speed & agility development is the bridge from the weight room to the field or court. We pride ourselves on using the best methods to transfer to the sport and genuinely have our athletes perform at their highest level in competition.

Cole Strange

1st Round Pick
New England Patriots
“When I got back from the combine I decided to workout at PKP and trusted Gannon to help me get into shape so that I could hit the ground running after draft weekend. After working out with Gannon for a brief period, I gained muscle mass and my body fat percentage decreased. My conditioning went to whole new level. I definitely made the right choice and will continue to work out at PKP!”

Cole Wilcox

Tampa Bay Rays Organization
"I knew coming into the offseaon and coming off injury i needed something different. I needed to get more mobile and more athletic for my position. Through the assessment process, Gannon was able to find some indicators of what was causing the immobility and stiffness I was experiencing. From there, Gannon developed my own personal program based off my assessment. We crushed every benchmark we set this offseason and I cannot wait to go back this Fall."
Tuckey Bradley.jpeg

Tucker Bradley

Left Field
Kansas City Royals Organization
"During my 2022 off seaon, I trained at Peak and what separates them from the rest of their competition is the importance that they put on mobility and personalization! Having a serious shoulder injury in college, this was very important to me and seeing the positive difference in my beginning vs. the end of our off season training allowed me to gain knowledge on how to ensure I keep up this mobility routine during season to keep myself in the best shape year around!"


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