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Train Like the Pros From the Palm of Your Hand.

Online strength and conditioning programs for athletes and the general public.


At Peak Kinetic Performance, we provide programs to fit your goals by using a user-friendly, personal, online platform. Any routine can make someone tired, but to obtain maximum levels of performance athletes need a structured program specific to their needs and abilities. With our coaches' vast experience in the field, we train athletes from grade school to the big leagues-- using a scientific approach that focuses on strength and conditioning, nutrition and recovery.

meet the team

Coach Gannon Hampton

Gannon’s drive to truly help people meet their health and performance goals in life is what pushes him to continue to seek knowledge and become the best coach he can be at PKP.

coach Austin


Austin’s passion for impacting people in a positive way and continued pursuit of knowledge in the field of sports performance will give him the ability to be an effective coach with PKP.

coach John 


 As the operations manager, John wants PKP to help people discover that training can be an avenue they use not just for physical fitness, but as a way of life!



J. Hampton

"I followed the program, and saw instant results. Within a couple months I was down 30 pounds and took roughly 6% of body fat off!"


A. Moore

"Peak Kinetic takes a holistic approach to the Peaches Program & I couldn't be happier with my results!"


T. Loy

"I’ve prided myself for being no stranger to the gym, but after being introduced to PKP's workouts I was introduced to a whole new world of lifts, warmups, and cardio techniques. They balance your week to optimize recovery to insure your lift is not counterproductive from over working the muscles."